Sunday, 27 January 2013

long long and happy dayyy ^_^

hello hye ~  ^,^

today i just had a great day with my family and him  :)
who is him??? *krik3*
he's just my someone special but i still can't describe my feelings   :|
that doesn't matter lah syaaa.. haihhh

today my family n i went to Mesra Mall, Kemaman for an event
my abah had to be a judge for some colouring competition.
not my abah only okee
that judges included me, my mama and my sister kak ana  :)
abah asked us to choose the best 5 coloured *what should i call those; pictures? sheets?*
arghhhh.. nevermind~

i know nothing about that competition
but there is something i know which is the competition opened two categories for children ONLY.
it is fun to be a judge for a competition like that.
not because of i got a chance to be one of the judges but it's about US
the whole family got to be the judges TOGETHER~  :)))

yaareee yareee yareeee..
that's only my intro of the ceremony. muahahaa
the best part is i got to meet him~   teheee~  *widely smiled*
for the whole day i spent time with him. walking there walking here.
go to the same place then turn around and walk to the same place again again n again
to me that place is some kind of a bit boring compared to other places i'd been before >.<
but that's nothing compared to him walking along with me chit chat these n those
from 11.15 a.m until 4 p.m i guess we're together n my whole family were there toooo~

and and andddd...
guess what??
my mama asked him to join us eating together a few times.
at first he asked me to eat at other place but for the second which is the lunch he can't refused at all
*evil laugh*
we with my family go to Burger King and had out lunch TOGETHER again. :D
that really makes me the happiest person of the day ONLY.
last but not least...

the worst part is we don't have a chance to take pictures together  :((
but! i think mama had taken some pictures of me n him eating at the Burger King
got to gigibiru tomorrow. hehehe

i can't say that today was the best day of my life because i'm waiting for the best day in the future :)
together forever. live happily ever after.
The End.
*such a nonsense*

no need for pictures..
the memories are more than enough for him but not for me *haha*
  adios!  :*

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