Friday, 11 November 2011

11 11 11

i guess that this 11/11/11 is not a very beautiful day for me
maybe for others it is so awesome
here wedding there engaged
people will take this opportunity to make this date as for their sweet memories

but not for me
i'm not trying to make today as happy as the others that have been planned everything just for today
me? just doing the same activity that i used to everyday
= ="

i dont know why
i'm always getting out of the mood
i'm not me the old one
always with problems

guess that i'm in the exam mood
please understand me my dear~

i want to help you n myself
so, dont keep it inside
tell me WHY
tell me EVERYTHING that i should know
*begging you*


want to see ur smile again
want to hear ur laugh again


@r!n@ said...

magosh! jiwang! =P

cik sya said...

@@r!n@ next time arin plak yg cenggini...bila tiba waktu. uhuks!